What is your Excape?

Corporate Excape is a premium experience that will bring you and your work colleagues together to have the most fun possible while taking you out of your comfort zone.

We provide a fun, safe environment to challenge you both mentally and physically. Our team of educated and experienced coaches aim to empower and encourage each individual to be the best version of themselves.

At Excape, we know the importance of teamwork in a business. We have firsthand experience of seeing the impact of leading a healthier, more active lifestyle not only in the corporate environment but in all areas of people’s lives. This in turn allows people to be happier in themselves, therefore leading to better work morale and productivity.

Our growing team

Our friendly and professional team are excited to meet you and help you get the most fun and value out of your Corporate Excape

andy excape personal trainer
dave excape corporate personal trainer
eoghan excape corporate fitness coach
roisin excape sales and marketing
kate excape corporate wellness and nutrition specialist

Our values


With such deep thought behind its very essence and creation, this is a brand which honours the important reasons for its inception with true thoughtfulness for its future. Professional and growth-orientated, Excape is committed to its own sustainability to ensure a future of helping similarly growth-orientated people realize a personal purpose. The standards, service and structure associated with Excape are not elements of a brand for which things happen by accident. Excape provokes thought in its clients about their current and future well-being, and to continue to do so will always be thoughtful about the current impact, and how to continue giving back to an industry we value.


As we live in an age of complication, Excape values a return of simplicity wherever it can be found. With simplicity comes excellence and we believe this is evident in the world around us in high performance athletes, culinary arts and nature. The Excape brand is committed to being easy on the senses, simplistic in the ask, whilst vigorous in application. A simple smile and an introduction from friendly faces, simple colours and simple sounds, and a simply unforgettable community-orientated experience.


The purpose of helping a community of like-minded, determined people build pride and confidence en route to their goals is what drives Excape . But we understand that our purpose is not your purpose. A brand so committed to community and support, Excape enjoys a paradoxical appreciation for selfishness. Self-discovery, self-awareness, self-investment and self-fulfillment. Excape exists to facilitate the selfish purposes we must have to succeed and achieve our goals. Combining the right doses of self-interest and community support, along with a commitment to values and high standards, our Excape family can enjoy the momentum of many journeys to achieve their personal potential.

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