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Sports Days

Our corporate fitness events such as sports days have been a massive hit with our clients. Upon arrival each person is given details of what team they are on. Each team has a zone and each zone has a different activity. There is a time limit to complete each activity. Once each team has completed their activity, they move on to the next zone. We have a leader board throughout the day. At the end, we have all teams come together to complete the final round together. The winning team is then presented with certificates/prizes. It is an incredible experience from start to finish.

Team Building Activities

Team building and employee engagement has seen an incredible increase in moral and how well people work together. The activities that we bring our corporate clients through, allows them to broaden and strengthen their mind. These physical and mental challenges help people to bounce of each other and bring ideas to the fore that they may not have thought of themselves.


Our knowledgeable and educated team feel like it’s important to not only upskill in areas related to your role at work but in all areas of your life. Our positive open minded environment for our workshops allow people to explore their thoughts and bring everything into perspective. In this safe environment, it allows people to be who they truly are and therefore the company can get full potential from their employees.

Enthusiasm & Work Ethic

I've been working with the guys from Excape on developing the business side of their gym. I can honestly say that the level of professionalism and hunger to create an outstanding offering for their clients is amazing. Their enthusiasm and work ethic is exceptional. I can completely recommend Excape and look forward to continuing working with them to develop a world class brand in the fitness industry.

Eddie Walsh, Action Coach

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