Musgraves Sports Day

At Corporate Excape, we understand a lot of people are cooped up in their office and perhaps in front of a computer screen for the majority of their workday. For some, it’s from sunrise to sunset.

We love to get people moving, working together and get them out of their usual environment to have some fun.

Workplace wellness and a close-knit team are a recipe for a successful business.

One of the companies that we provide corporate fitness programs on a weekly basis decided that they would love to take part in one of our corporate sports days.

Last August, over 100 participants from Musgraves took part in their first Corporate Excape Fitness Event.

Our skilled coaching team put together a plan for a fun-filled day to meet the companies needs. We had 6 zones on the day. Three inside and three outside.

On arrival, everyone got changed into their active gear. Our coaches briefed everyone before we got started and explained how the day would work.

The aim for the day was to make sure everyone had fun, got moving, mix with colleagues in different departments, get them to know each other while working together outside the usual work environment.

We had a coach at each zone who demonstrated what had to be completed.

We had a mixture of fun team building games for each zone. Some of which challenge you both mentally and physically and get you out of your comfort zone.

There was a time limit at each zone. The buzzer blew when the round was over and each team moved on to the next zone. Our runners collected the points/time from each zone after each round and they were inputted to our leader board.

After round three, we had a half time where everyone could get some refreshments and get ready for the second half.

When each team completed each zone, all the points were added up.

When the leader board was announced, we had one last round where the tables could be turned.

The day was a massive success. Everyone got changed and ready for the night ahead. We had the Eddie Rockets van arrive for some food before the winning team was announced.

Yes, that’s one of our coaches eating a well-earned Eddies!!

All the points were added up and believe it or not, it ended up with a tie in the first place!! The team captains collected their prize on behalf of their teams and they all celebrated together ahead of their social night out in Leixlip.

It was incredible to see the personalities, qualities, skills, and characteristics of each individual shine through. The whole event brought everyone together synergistically for a fun-filled day.

We have built a strong relationship with Musgraves and their team from working with them on a weekly basis. We are thrilled to see the effects of our corporate wellbeing program. Improvements in areas such as workplace morale, productivity, absenteeism, and employee turnover are just a few areas that we can help your business improve.

Thank you to Musgraves for your continued support. We look forward to planning our next Corporate Fitness Event with you all.

The Corporate Excape Team 💫