Shine Positive Wellness day @ Celbridge Manor Hotel

We were invited to take part in the Shine Positive Wellness day at the Celbridge Manor Hotel, Celbridge, Co.Kildare. The event took place on Saturday 12th January 2020. The aim of the event was to raise awareness about mental health and to bring some positivity into the community ahead of the new year. The day consisted of demos, talks, local and national health, fitness and wellbeing related businesses, followed by questions and answers with some of the guest speakers from throughout the day.

This was a free event for the public to attend. The people flowed in and had a look around the stands. Some of the local businesses around us were Fruit at work, Infinity Hot Yoga & Recovery Rooms The day started off with a brilliant presentation from Davy Cryan, a member of an Garda Siochana who completed and successfully won RTE’s Operation Transformation.

After this, Excape took to the stage. We informed the audience what we do and offer to people at Excape. It was clear to see the link between many of the speakers and how vitally important your Physical and Mental health is for your overall wellbeing. The community aspect of Excape has a major role to play and we take pride in making people feel like they belong and have somewhere to go to fill that void.

After this, we did a fun demo with some brilliant participants from the audience. One of our wonderful coaches demonstrated a light warm-up followed by some basic movements. We got the heart rates up and a light sweat ahead of the remainder of the day.

We had a fantastic afternoon chatting to people of all ages and backgrounds at our stand.

We ran a competition for a week of Free Personal Training at Excape along with our “Positive Thought for 2020” jar. At Excape, we feel that the more positivity you radiate, the more you will receive.

The remainder of the day was filled with laughs from the wonderful Rories stories. Everyone flocked to hear the main man. Rories stories had everyone in stitches but also had some real talk about mental health which really hit home for a lot of people.

The day finished with a question and answer time with some of the main guest speakers taking to the stage. The honesty and integrity of each of the speakers were vivid throughout.

The day was filled with emotions for many people and the positive, uplifting vibes ahead of 2020 was fantastic.

Thank you to the Celbridge Manor for reaching out and asking us to be apart of this incredible Shine event. We know this is the start of something special and we are already looking forward to an even bigger, better more successful event in 2021.

The Excape Team 💫